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Have you written anywhere from one to three thousand reviews for Yelp?  Contact us to opt in to the Yelp Class Action

Some of our questions:

1.  How many reviews have you written (whether they have been moved by Yelp to the exile page or not?

2.  How many "reviews of the day" "reviews of the week" have you received?

3.  How many years, if any, have you been "elite"?

4.  Have you ever been a duchess, duke, king or queen?

5.  What is your name, address, phone number and email.

6.  Write us an email and we'll call you

  •  We are confident that this lawsuit will get plaintiffs their wages.

  • Workers cannot waive their rights to wages under the Fair Standards Labor Act.

  •  Federal judges understand this and this summer the entertainment industry learned that its so called "volunteer" "intern" workers must be paid (Glatt v. Fox Searchlight) and

  • we are confident the US District Court of California will also permit these hereto now unpaid workers to obtain their wages under federal law.

  •  Yelp is a cult like exploiter of labor in violation of federal law and

  • Yelp-been declared to be the "modern day mafia" by a San Diego judge and

  • Yelp called "organized crime" and "offensive" by a Portland judge.

The San Diego judge also says that Yelp twists settled law to its own benefit and

with this lawsuit, the Yelp Class Action Law Office is going to untwist what Yelp has done to steal labor from Americans and

get them paid pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA.

Class Action for businesses

harmed by

  1. reviews that are lies,

  2. reviews written by their competitors,

  3. reviews written by people who were never their customer and have never even been to their business.

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